Love is all over the World....

Valentine's is a a day of romance, chocolate, and candlelit dinners. But in other countries its week long parties or a day to mourn your single status.

From Brazil to Japan love is in the air all year long.

Gifts can vary during the Valentine celeration. In Germany the norm is giving the one you love is a pig. Yes. A pig. The small, pink mammal that goes oink oink, will have your secret love admiring you more than the girl that gave him cookies. 

In Argentina they really go all out for lover's day. Argentinians take a week long break in February to celebrate Valentine's Day, and in July they continue the celebration for another week and dedicate it to exchanging sweets.Which they have recognized as, Sweets Day.

Korea is a bit extreme; but they don't exclude anyone from celebrating Valentine's Day. Those without a soulmate celebrate the day of love mourning their single status. They dedicate their day to wearing black and or eating black noodles with other single citizens.


Brazil is well known for their huge festivals and their medal in being the best host for parties! They celebrate Valentine's for a week long in Feburary and again in March. Dias de los enamorados is the festival to attend! Chocolate, cards, kisses are exchanged during the celebrations as well.

love is a four letter word.

But it runs the world.