• Love is all over the World....

    Valentine's Day has more history and meaning then we expect it to have. It's more than just a hallmark holiday. It's a day to celebrate love in different ways.
  • Culture and Art

    You can learn a lot from a stain.


  • Self-ploration vol.1

    the wind in my hair at the highest mountian

    the water underneath my boat in the lowest valley river

    i do it for the mental health

    i explore to breathe easy!

  • I can remember...

    I was 10 years old. The summer time was here. It meant late night snacks with my mom and waking up in the afternoon to the smell of cumin and pinto...
  • A temporary stain that brings eternal unity. Henna.

    Azure Lotus brings you an online store that brings you culture, from all over the world, to your front step. Inspired by art, language, and positiv...